Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rosette Pattern Revisited

I've found my rosette pattern. I had it buried on my computer. Just happened across it and I'm so thrilled. So, I'm sharing it again with you.

BTW, has anybody used the little tool (bought in a craft store) made by Dritz that's used for pulling threads from the outside of a garment to the inside? It's a tiny little hook (maybe a 16-not sure). I purchased one for $6.99 in the USA and it's been well worth it. I know, a hook can be purchased for a lot less, but this has a flat plastic handle and it's so comfortable to hold and easy to tell which side the hook is on without straining these old eyes. I have a tendency to keep it held between my teeth while tatting and I use it on those tiny tiny picots. In fact, I've been able to use it (when I've forgotten to make a picot) to make an invisible join because the hook is so small it easily goes between stitches-even with a size 40 thread. It's not as easy with a size 60, but it can be done. One day, I'll drag out my tiny tiny hooks and compare sizes.

In the's that free pattern again.

Beverly’s Tatted Rosette
Copyrighted by Beverly L Elrod/Edited August 21, 2012

Ball & Shuttle

CL R-close ring
DNRW-Do Not Reverse Work
Ds-double stitch
Vsp-very small picot

Round 1
R: -5vsp separated by 3ds CLR RW

Round 1
C: (5+vsp) 6 times DNRW

Round 2
C: (7+vsp) 6 times DNRW

Round 3
C: (9+vsp) 6 times DNRW

Round 4
C: 3ds, (3p separated by 3ds+) 6 times

Tie off and weave in ends.

Personally, I didn’t use picots in the second version (other than on round 4. Instead, I used a hook that’s about a 16 or smaller. It’s intended use is for picking pulled threads from the front side of material and drawing it to the inside for hiding. It works on knits, as well as woven fabrics. I’ve also used it on size 40 and 80 threads. It’s a little more work on the smaller threads if they’re 100% cotton, but those with nylon in them do much nicer.

Monday, October 31, 2011

All confused

I realize that it appears as though this blogger is a bit mixed up and it is. I'll be fixing that as soon as I decide exactly what I'd like to use this one for. In the meantime, there are some gorgeous pictures of a $45,000 paint job on a semi truck that I was fortunate to be in the same truck stop with as the driver was waxing his ride. It was done shortly after the first Johnny Depp
pirate movie came out.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Poppie's in the Field Cake

This is my latest cake. It was a JOKE because I layed the fondant over a piece of styrofoam. It was hilarious watching Poppie try to cut it, but he did manage to do it. Then he got the real cake.

Here's some closeups
Martha's campfire for roasting hotdogs and a nice cold drink in her hand.

Poppie, hard at work, loading the trailer

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A beautiful paint job LEGEND OF THE BLACK PEARL. I'm not sure that I'd want to spend $25,000 for it, but the owner of the truck likes it.

It's a gorgeous truck, isn't it?

Look at the ghost ship. It even appears to be a ghost.
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Legend of the Black Pearl

I'm not sure why all of the photos didn't show up, but I'm working on it. I may have to post them to my web site and then send the URL here so you can check it all out. Johnny Depp is on the other side of the truck. WOOHOO!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

An interesting thing I saw just today...for those blogger idiots like myself...

I believe that I shall refer to this often. LOL

Top Hat Designed

Ok, so I got around to designing that top hat. Here's a picture of it. I used a multiple of colors so it's difficult to see the detail. I'll eventually get around to doing another one in a solid color and post it as well.

I'll be putting the pattern up for sale on my web site as soon as I get it proofed.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Here's the web site

Yes, this is a blogg, but I think that it'll do nicely for what I want it for. At least, I think that it'll do great for right now.

Someone asked about me designing a top hat that 'scrunches' for them. As soon as I get a pic so I can understand what they mean about that 'scrunching' activity, I'll get started on designing it.

Anybody else have any requests out there?

Here, I'll put up some pics of some of the things that I've designed. The patterns, here, will be free for the taking to do with as you please....EXCEPT to sell. The other web site that I'm working on will be for sale items as well as freebies.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A pic of me

I figured that you might want to see a pic of me so that you know who it is that you're talking to.

First Entry

One rarely knows what to write on the initial post. I'm no different. But, here is where I'll be posting a bit of what I'm doing, where I've been and where I'm going. I'll include pics where I can. I hope you enjoy the scenery that I pass along the highways and byways of the US and Canada.

I'll also be posting pics of some crocheting/knitting and other crafts that I'll be working on. Oh, I just made my first card (for my mom) since I was a kid. I call it my 'goshed-awful, should've been 5 yrs old' card. No, I'm not posting a pic of that one. LOL I'll consider it kind, on my mom's part, if she doesn't throw it away immediately.